Every day, all parts of the human body, including the nasal passage, are being exposed to increasing amounts of harmful environmental pollutants. Particularly stressful on the body are fine particulates, which can impair lung function and lead to asthma as well as serious cardiac disease and degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's. Around the world today, air pollution is seen as one of the most significant risk factors for shortening life expectancy.

Dry nose

Changed living conditions mean that our noses are increasingly exposed to dry air, for example due to air conditioning in aeroplanes, cars and workplaces. For this reason, and also because of the changes in the environment, the allergenic potential has increased considerably.


Today, people are living longer on average than previous generations. This trend – which is extremely positive in itself – brings new challenges for the growing field of home and inpatient care. However, it’s not only older people who are dependent on help and increased protection + care for their nose.


Easy to use and based on the latest medical research, NASCUM® is a patented medical device to protect and care for the sensitive nasal membrane, providing immediate and long-lasting relief.

Utilising Silcum® technology, NASCUM® creates a scarcely perceptible protective film over the nasal membrane, thereby reducing the absorption of particulates and other matter. The harmful particulates are encapsulated and the risk of toxicity reduced. Active ingredients help ensure long-lasting moisturisation and care of the nasal membrane. This protects the nose from drying out and helps the nasal membrane to regenerate itself.

NASCUM® has a neutral odour and can be used even on sensitive noses. Following application, the gel's viscous consistency prevents it from running. Extended use does not lead to any habituation and side effects.

The new single-use applicator enables you to apply NASCUM® accurately and hygienically. With traditional nasal sprays, the spray nozzle often becomes contaminated with germs from the nose and cannot be cleaned simply by wiping or rinsing. In this regard, NASCUM® represents a considerable hygienic advance.

Practical and easily portable, NASCUM® is ideal for when you're on the move.

NASCUM® is free from drugs, silicon oil, alcohol, preservatives, colouring and perfumes.


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For best results, clean the nose before use to clear it of any residual nasal secretions and encrustation. Use one to three applications of NASCUM® nasal gel per nostril per day.

Step 1

To open the applicator, twist the cap. Due to its consistency, the product will not leak out, but be careful not to apply too much pressure to the container. Relax and apply the gel without tilting the head and without inhaling.

Step 2

Insert the applicator about 1cm into the nose at a slight angle so that the nostril is gently moved. Then apply the gel by squeezing the container gently but firmly. During application, breathe normally so that the gel is drawn just a little into the nose.

Step 3

As described, use a second container for the other nostril.

Step 4

Squeeze the nose gently and use your thumb and forefinger to massage the nostril so that the gel is evenly distributed.

Usage for children

NASCUM® should not be used on children under three years of age.

Consumers voice

Monica C. from D:
Since I’ve been regularly using Nascum® for my bed-ridden patients, their noses are less dry and less obstructed than before.
Wolfgang M. from K:
Nascum® protects my nose when I’m working in a dusty environment.
Bettina B from H:
Nascum® helps me each day in my job as a flight attendant.
Claudia M. from E:
Since I’ve been using Nascum® regularly, I no longer suffer from tiresome nosebleeds.

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